CL Brakes Race Pads – Renault Clio MK2 RS 172/182

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These CL Brakes Brake Pads are one of the greatest race pads for the Renault Clio Mk2 2.0 RS Renaultsport models. This includes the Renault Clio Mk2 172 ph1 and Clio Mk2 ph2, the 172 Cup, 182, 182 Cup plus the 182 Trophy.

We recommend that these race brake pads are fitted with new plain discs such as Brembo High Carbon Discs. This will give a flat braking surface for the pad to work against, giving the best braking performance out the box. Brake ducting will help increase pad life and also keep the brake fluid cooler.

  • CL Brakes 4026 Brake Pad Dimensions (mm)
  • Width: 128.8mm Height: 58mm Thickness: 18mm
  • CL Brakes 4034 Brake Pad Dimensions (mm)
  • Width: 105mm Height: 54.7mm Thickness: 11mm
  • CL Brakes can be mixed and matched to alter the brake bias of the car.
  • The pads do not compress, giving superior pedal feel under light braking.
  • Pad backing plates are undersized to allow for expansion under race conditions allowing better pad to disc contact
  • Very effective from cold, giving excellent initial bite yet does not deteriorate with braking temperatures until over 1000 °C
  • No bedding in required as no material is transferred to the brake disc