B-G Racing – Wide Angle Rear View Mirror Kit with Extended Brackets

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These universal mirrors are perfect for the track. Featuring a convex glass to provide a wide field of view, they give you the best view of what’s behind you.


Simply fasten the mirror to your roll cage using the bolt-on brackets provided for a secure fitment that will not vibrate loose. All brackets are slotted to provide a wide range of adjustment and are secured to the mirror using 2 wing knobs that allow for simple adjustment by hand.

Available in either 15” or 17” mirror lengths with Extended 8″ (205mm) length brackets to suit 1.5” / 1.7” or 1.75” diameter roll cage bars.

Kit includes 1x mirror and 2x extended 8″ length mounting brackets (1.5” and 1.7” kits also include 1 pack of rubber inserts)